No comparison

Have  you ever looked at one of your talents compared to other people’s and thought “wow they are so much better than me” or “I wish my gift of (fill in the blank) was a strong as that person or it would make as much of an impact as that persons.” Maybe you are  thinking “why is that person famous and i’m not when I am just as good or better then them.” The bottom line is we all to some capacity feel the need to compare and lets be honest it’s almost impossible not to. We as a people have become so consumed with social media, and the internet and this place of instant gratification and becoming over night sensations and getting peoples approval and that becomes what we strive for. In all actuality not everyone is meant to be in the spotlight. Sometimes we need people to stay where they are and make an impact in their community. I am sure that there are some amazing performers and singers that could out do the best of them but barely anyone has ever heard them. God has a special purpose for each and every one one of our gifts and talents  and it’s not going to be the same as other peoples purpose because there different people in this world that need us for different reasons and if we are not in position then God can’t use us and that person will miss out on what they needed from us. Just trust Gods plan and believe that he is putting you in certain places for a reason. DO NOT think less of your gifts or your abilities because it’s not where you think you should be. And also be unique, be you and in the process find your voice and don’t apologize for it. XOXO.

Kenya Neal



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