Confessions of a Church girl

One of the most essential things for people to know about me is that I am saved. I made the decision to dedicate my life to God. However, it’s not easy. Unless you have made the choice to make the commitment yourself you can never understand how challenging it can be. Being saved and making a commitment means that you can not do everything that everyone else does. You  can not carry yourself anyway you want because you could be the only example of Christ some people will ever see. Sometimes it feels like you miss out because you have to set yourself apart from other people. Sometimes you feel like you have to be perfect and you can’t make mistakes. There have even been times where it seemed like not being saved would be an easier decision than letting people down and messing up. People may not always like you because of the life you live. Regardless of how much of a struggle it may be it is also the greatest experience. It is so amazing to know that despite all of the mistakes that you make there is a God that loves you with an unconditional love and even if you leave him he will never leave you. There is a joy in knowing that  God put you on this earth for a reason and that everything that you go through is not in vain and it is not for nothing because you know that at the end of the day when you come out of your situation you will come out on top and God will make your test your testimony. And the most amazing feeling is when you have true and honest encounters with God and you feel his presence and sometimes it will not even be at that those expected times and in the expected places but that is the amazing thing about God…things may not go how you want them to when you want them to but his timing is always perfect. It may not be easy but serving God is the best decision I’ve ever made. If you have a relationship with God don’t let it go let it grow.  And if you do not have a relationship with him develop one because it is the most amazing relationship you could ever have… challenges and all.    Well until then be unique, be you and in the process find your voice and do not apologize for it. XOXO

-Kenya Neal



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