Someone is watching you

So yesterday I woke and saw that I had been tagged in a post on Facebook and it had been posted by my God-sister. The post was her sharing about her decision to rededicate her life to God  and as she began to close out the post she began to thank people who “led by example” and to my surprise I was one of the people that she thanked. It was at that moment that I realized that people are watching me. I never saw myself as being someone’s role model. I never thought that I was good enough for someone to want to be like me or for someone to want to make a change in their life because of the way that I live mine. I know I can not be the only one who feels this way or has felt this way in the past. Like there is no way I could be a good influence  when I struggle to keep myself on track and I mess up daily. You see, the thing is despite what you think about yourself people are watching you. They understand that you are not perfect and that you mess up and make mistakes and fall short constantly but it’s still something about you that people see as an example. And now that I realize that people are watching me I am going to make it my business to live better and, do better and, be better because I don’t want someone to miss heaven because they were watching me. So be mindful of how you live because you never know who is watching you. So be unique, be you and in the process find your voice. XOXO.

-Kenya Neal



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