20 things I learned about life before entering into my 20’s

1.) not everything deserves a reaction-just because you feel a way about a situation does not mean you have to speak on it…sometimes your silence truly does speak volumes 

2.) it’s okay to speak your truth – sometimes we grow fearful when it comes to sharing what we’ve been through and struggled with and the things that God has allowed us to overcome. We must remember that our testimony holds so much power and you never know just how much your story could help someone else.

3.) mans rejection truly is Gods protection don’t be so afraid to lose people in your life because sometimes people just can’t go with you to the next level of your life no matter how close you were or how good of a friend they were if they are not meant to be in your life God won’t allow them to be there

4.) God does not make mistakes Sometimes in life things happen that we just don’t understand… how we go through things and we can’t help but ask “God Why me?” But answer this…Why not  you? God said he would never put more on us than we can bear and if he takes you to it he will take you through it point. Blank. Period. 

5.) you can’t run from the call on your life – I struggled so hard with accepting the fact that God created me to be different and to walk in that…in my mind being different and having to walk alone sometimes was not something that I was interested in and so I tried to do my own thing and force myself to fit in with people who I knew I didn’t but even then they all treated me differently because they saw that I was not like them and now I realized that I can’t  run from and so I’ve now made the decision to walk in my calling.

6.) it’s okay to be vulnerable-I rarely ever speak about my personal life because I struggle with this fear of being judged but few months ago I shared about my struggles with depression and got such encouraging words of love and support and it showed me that God has brought me through for a reason and someone might need my testimony one day.

7.) I’m more than enough because God told me I am and I don’t have try to change myself for anybody

8.) Prayer is key-spending time with just you and God is a great way to keep you at peace and get you through tough times 

9.) you will never be free until you learn to forgive the people who hurt you

10.) sometimes God has to break you in order to get you to where he wants you to be

11.) someone is watching you – there are people who are watching you and the way that you live your life so it is very important that you live an honest life and that you try to do right even if you mess up 

12.) when you fall down don’t stay down pick your self up, dust your self off and keep it moving you have a job to do

13.) it’s all temporary – what you going through won’t last forever so don’t quit just keep pushing 

14.) be careful what you allow into your spirit – a lot the things that we watch on tv and a lot the music that we listen to contain so much profanity and sexually explicit content that when we keep exposing ourselves to it  eventually it starts to set in our spirit and in our hearts 

15.) there is a difference between happiness and joy… any body can be happy and, anybody can fake happiness but true joy comes from the lord and the world can’t give it to you or take it away 

16.) Many are called but few are chosen

17.) You are never to young or to old to build a relationship…he’s calling us all to him 

18.) put your gifts and talents into action…let God use you or he will find someone more willing 

19.) just because you don’t cause problems doesn’t mean problems won’t find you…it’s okay to not be okay 

20.) last but not least don’t be waste so much time worrying and stressing that you forget to live 


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