Hold your peace 

Exodus 14:14 says “The Lord will fight for you and, there is no need to do anything .” 

It always seems like whenever I try to do right and live right people always try to push my buttons. I try to hold back my frustration and anger but I always end up letting people get to me and make me angry and I step out of character. And when I get angry that’s when everyone wants to throw salvation in my face. It almost as if I can’t get angry, frustrated, stressed, annoyed or any other emotion other than happy without me being a hypocrite. I take my salvation very serious and I try so hard to do right and let things go but it’s so hard especially when your family members are the ones that hurt you the most. Sometimes it feels like they want me to fall and mess up and be that person that I try so hard not to be and I’m tired. I struggled so hard with being consistent because I kept telling myself that I had to get it right…I had to be perfect but I can’t because I’m human. I’m tired of fighting, tired of crying, tired of allowing people to make me feel like I am any less saved because I’m human. So I’m just going to hold my peace and I’m going to keep striving to live right and do right because God has brought me way to far for me to just turn around now. It’s to much for me but God said that there is nothing to hard for him to do. 


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