Ok, so let me ask you a question
When did you first realize you were losing your voice?
At what point did you decide that the issues were no longer worth speaking out against?
Why have you suddenly decided to sacrifice your peace of mind to avoid a fight?
It’s so funny how everybody has a problem with society but nobody wants to speak out
We have our private meetings
Our private discussions
Our private confrontations
So afraid of being offensive that instead of correcting it we just let it…go
We say I will just pray about it and let God handle the rest
But come now it’s gonna take a little more than that
It has already been said that faith without works is dead
It’s time to take a stand
We are letting our communities crumble into pieces
Why are we condoning alcohol use and drug abuse?
Complaining about our babies having babies
Yet you continue to raise them
We keep praying to the dear lord to show us the answer
But have you ever considered that maybe you are the problem
I don’t know why I’m surprised
How are we supposed to help other people when we can’t seem to even manage our own lives
If you really want me to be honest we have more sinners running the church then we have in the world
And we still wonder why sinners would rather stay lost
The blind can’t lead the blind to promise land
So until you get right don’t preach to the sinners about the sin they commit in the open when your doing the same thing in private
And the biggest reason why this world is such a mess is because we are lazy
We want better but we don’t want to do better
Our values have gone missing
Our beliefs buried under the fear of being different
We’ve forced ourselves to conform to this world that we are not meant to fit into
It’s time for us to stop living in fear
It’s time to find our voice
It’s time to take…a stand